Tamarack Quick Change
Blade Holding Bars

Tamarack QC bars provide 5-second cut-off and perf blade changes.

Tamarack QC Bars provide operator ease-of-use, improved productivity, safe blade removal and quick investment payback. The QC bars are standard in Tamarack equipment and are available for press die cut units and other finishing equipment.
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  • Designed specifically for the width and depth of
    your slots. 
  • Made from high-strength steel, the bar is manufactured to tight tolerances for long life. 
  • Strong springs, combined with “T”-shaped retaining blocks, hold the bar and blade securely in the slot while cutting, yet allow the bar to rock back easily for blade changes. 
  • Patented central height adjustment provides precise control of the blade height across the entire width of
    the bar—valuable for difficult cutting jobs such as microperfs.