Tamarack Products provides equipment solutions for business forms and direct mail companies. Using the Tamarack Versa-Web SE, Specialist and P500 you affix transfer tape, clean release materials and laminates to create higher profits from paper webs. These solutions meet specialized requirements, offer innovative approaches and create solutions for your customers:

Integral labels.  Creating the label from the form or promotional piece saves label press operations and provides laser printer compatibilityIntegral labels are cost effective and meet the challenges of producing multiple labels per form or very small labels on forms.  A variety of release liners are available, including clear polyester liners for direct mail applications, liners with high tack adhesives for test tube applications, or liners with freezer grade adhesives

Windshield stickers.  Combining a form with a removable windshield sticker or decal is ideal for parking permits (gated communities, universities, hotels), oil change reminders, and promotions.  Transfer tapes are available with removable, freezer grade and UV resistant adhesives.  Static cling material, suitable for laser imaging, is also available.

Integral cards.  Creating the card from the form or direct mailing results in laser-printer compatible card combinations.  Applications include membership cards, loyalty programs, coupons, invitations, business card/letterhead documents and more.  Clean-release back laminates are signature compatible and clear back laminates are available.  Face laminates can be laser or ink jet compatible, with gloss or matte finishes.  In addition, Strata-Tac’s DualamTM provides a self-encapsulating card construction for tamperproof signatures or insertion of photos.

Clean-release cards.  Affix roll-fed plastic cards to forms and direct mail.  Plastic cards are preferred for some applications and Tamarack equipment offers an option to peel and affix the cards from their carrier liner at productive speeds and with good registration.

Integral magnets.  By placing a magnetic material on the back of the direct mail piece, you create a card for placement on refrigerators, file cabinets and other metal surfaces.  Some applications include letterheads with magnetic business cards as well as promotional mailings with magnets indicating service information for furnaces or other appliances.

Scratch-off patches.  By cutting and applying scratch-off laminates, you easily create game pieces and other promotional forms.  The scratch-off laminate eliminates the need to print your own coatings—reducing production costs and improving quality control for this formerly difficult to manufacture product.

Other applications.  Please contact us with your production requirements!


Tamarack Versa-Web SE

Integral labels

Integral cards