The Tamarack Vista uses an innovative approach to patch windows on-demand, in-line on your folder-gluer. In addition, other roll-fed materials can be affixed to folding cartons, including liners and microwave susceptor patches.

Folding Cartons

Straight-line, crash-lock and four/six corner carton windowing:  Affix a variety of films, including polypropylene, polyethylene, polyester and acetate. The glue pattern is printed on the film web prior to cut-off and affixing: neat glue lines improve appearance and smaller patch sizes save film cost. 

Tissue carton windowing:  Extensible polyethylene is carefully controlled during affixing to produce tissue cartons.  Die cutting, to achieve “S” or “X” patterns in the film, is accommodated.

Printed film windows.  Converted films can be scanned and cut in register with a printed mark or feature.

NEW! Rigid windows.  The Tamarack Vista provides a productive approach to affixing rigid windows:  a roll of window film is die cut and creased, and the continuous film is then cut-off and patched to the folding carton in-line on folder gluer. You achieve single-pass rigid window patching—saving the two off-line conversion processes to die cut individual rigid windows and patch each window to the carton.

Courier Envelopes

Window films for courier envelopes can be applied in-line on press or in-line on folder-gluer.

Microwave Packaging

Metalized film for microwave susceptor patches can be cut-off and affixed to bag webs or folding cartons. 

Other applications

Tamarack affixing equipment can be positioned in-line on folder-gluer or flexible packaging lines to affix bag handle reinforcements, carton liners, or other materials to meet specific production requirements. Please contact us to discuss your application!


Tamarack Vista