Tamarack Custom Gluing, Patching,


Tamarack Custom Gluing, Patching,
Die Cutting Systems

Produce your special job or new product using an innovative Tamarack solution! Tamarack combines gluing, die cutting, and affixing modules to meet a wide variety of applications in the business forms, direct mail, label and packaging industries.

Tamarack’s custom finishing equipment meets specific requirements for off-line or in-line production. Frequently servo-driven, the equipment integrates cleanly into your production process. Often working under Non-Disclosure Agreements, Tamarack protects confidential information for your product development.

Custom Equipment Includes:

  • Cross-web, cold glue applicators to print glue patterns for windows, courier envelopes and mailers.
  • Die cutting and chip removal for mailers and windows.
  • Integration of ITW hot melt, pressure-sensitive glue applicators for pattern and continuous coatings on liners and other carrier webs.
  • Integration of UV and radio frequency dryers for remoist and pressure seal applications.
  • Patching (affixing) modules to feed material from a roll, cut-off and affix each patch in registration to a substrate. Affixed materials include microwave susceptor patches, labels, RFID inlays and specialty promotional products.
  • Peel off unit to affix liner-fed materials such as clean-release cards, labels, and RFID wet inlays. Provides higher speed, higher accuracy production.
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